Special Purpose Trailers

We also manufacture Special Purpose Trailer that are suitable for specific purposes. We can also manufacture Special Purpose Trailers as per customer Specification. More details of our Special Purpose Trailers are given below:

Flatbed Trailers

Flatbed Trailer for transportation of wooden logs, steel material etc can be fabricated for any customized sizes. Special Hydraulic Braking Provided for safe road operation.


40 FT Container Trailer

'Arasan' 40' container trailer for transporting containers of both 40' and 20' sizes. complete with container locks and air/hydraulic braking facility.


Jeep Trailers

'Arasan' Jeep Trailers of body size 1830mm * 965/1143mm * 457mm (6' * 3'2"/3'9" * 1'6") fitted with two numbers 6.00 * 16 tyres and hydraulic brakes.


Genset Mounted Trailer

'Arasan' 8 ton capacity Tipping/Non-Tipping turntable trailers of body size 3660mm * 1830mm * 610mm (12' * 6' * 2') fitted with 4 nos 9.00 * 16 Tyres


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